The Buckinghams’ Greatest Hits

The Buckinghams’ Greatest Hits

(1969) Columbia label original issue.  Purchased used at Record Surplus probably in 2006. Illinois was playing a Cannonball Adderley album with Joe Zawinul called Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Live at the Club! When Mercy, Mercy, Mercy played I remarked that I know that tune has lyrics, because I used to sing it as a little kid.  Next time we went record shopping I picked up this album.

The Buckinghams were Carl Giamarrese, Dennis Miccolis, Dennis Tufano, Jon Paulos, and Nick Fortuna. Hailed from Chicago and on this record enjoyed three big hits and a few minor ones.


  1. Don’t You Care  (2:27)
  2. Lawdy Miss Clawdy  (2:00)
  3. Back In Love Again  (2:07)
  4. Why Don’t You Love Me  (2:09)
  5. I’ll Go Crazy  (2:26)
  6. Susan  (2:45)


  1. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy  (2:47)
  2. And Our Love  (2:46)
  3. Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song)  (2:42)
  4. Foreign Policy  (4:15)
  5. Kind Of A Drag  (2:08)

As with so many best of records; on this album you get a few ripe apples and then some strange fruit.  Foreign Policy is crazy.  It even has a JFK spoken word section.  You gotta love the 60’s and bands trying to stand for something using experimental gimmicks.

The Buckinghams’ Greatest Hits

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