Bread The Best of Bread

Bread  The Best of Bread

(1973)  Elektra label.  Gatefold jacket. Purchased used in 1990 at Record Surplus.  I owned this album new originally.  I remember buying it a Kmart with babysitting money I had earned.  I don’t remember how much I paid for it.  Over the years I somehow lost it. In the early 1990’s I began to replace records I remembered loving in my youth.  All sorts of genres.  I just wanted all the albums I had ever spent so many hours listening to, singing to, and studying, while alone in my bedroom.

side one

  1. Make It With You  (3:15)
  2. Everything I Own  (3:06)
  3. Diary  (3:05)
  4. Baby Im-A Want You  (2:25)
  5. It Don’t Matter To Me  (2:41)

side two

  1. Mother Freedom  (2:55)
  2. Down On My Knees  (2:44)
  3. Too Much Love  (2:45)
  4. Let Your Love Go  (2:25)
  5. Look What You’ve Done  (3:10)
  6. Truckin’  (2:31)

Bread is Mike Botts drums, David Gates lead vocals and guitar, James Griffin guitar and vocals, Robb Royer bass until 1971, Larry Knechtel keyboards and bass.  Undeniable– the top shelf pop quality of this band.  13 songs on the Billboard Top 100 from 1970-1977. Side One– I can sing each song without one mistake, each one permanently scorched into my brain.  Side Two meh… none of these had any real airplay that I can recall.  Own this for side one for sure.


Bread The Best of Bread

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