Kate Bush The Kick Inside

Kate Bush  The Kick Inside

(1978) EMI America label.  Original release with lyrics on back cover, purchased used at a used record store in West LA the name of which I cannot remember probably in 1996. I was so happy to find this her first release– although originally released in 1997 with a different cover.  This is the first of 11 Kate Bush albums I own.  Many to listen to and remember.


  1. Moving  (3:08)
  2. Saxophone Song  (3:44)
  3. Strange Phenomena  (2:58)
  4. Kite  (3:00)
  5. The Man With The Child In His Eyes  (2:40)
  6. Wuthering Heights  (4:25)


  1. James And The Cold Gun  (3:33)
  2. Feel It  (3:04)
  3. Oh To Be In Love  (3:19)
  4. L’Amour Looks Something Like You  (2:27)
  5. Them Heavy People  (3:05)
  6. Room For The Life  (4:03)
  7. The Kick Inside  (3:37)

Musicians on the album include: Stuart Elliott drums, David Paton bass, Ian Bairnson guitar, Duncan Mackay electric piano, Barry de Souza drums, Bruce Lynch bass, Paul Keogh guitar,  Alan Parker guitar, Andrew Powell keyboards,  Alan Skidmore saxophone, Morris Pert percussion, and Paddy Bush mandolin (Kate’s older brother).

Favorite track on this record is The Man With The Child In His Eyes although Wuthering Heights was the hit. Kate’s vocals are highly pitched on most of the tracks on this album, almost whiney– nails on the chalkboard at times.  For many that I know, Kate Bush is an acquired taste.

This was not the record that caught my ear or compelled me to buy her albums. That one comes a little later.  Illinois always says the first album of any artist is their best/truest. There is an argument here for this: many of these tracks Kate wrote at age 15!  She was 19 when this album was released.  But this album is not at all my favorite.  The Kick Inside shows Kate Bush’s potential and she will definitely rise up and surpass it in albums that follow.

Kate Bush The Kick Inside

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