As a record collector and a person with a family, I frequently ask “Would you like me to put on a record?” With so many LPs to listen to, certain titles are frequently requested and many are rarely listened to.  The thought occurred to me I should blog about my collection.  There are many stories I could share on how I own my collection; where I purchased an LP, was it new or used, what does the record mean to me personally.

I also thought this would be a good way to discipline myself to listen to an album every day.

So this is the journey.  I am starting with the A’s in my basic rock and roll section.  When this section is complete I will start with the A’s in my New Wave section; then R&B/Soul/Hip Hop, Easy Listening Vocals, Comedy, Spoken Word/Poetry, Children’s records, Classical, Instrumental, Jazz, Showtunes, Soundtracks, and finally Christmas recordings.


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