Electric Light Orchestra Face The Music

Electric Light Orchestra  Face The Music
(1975) Jet Records.  Original release with original inner sleeve including lyrics.  I purchased this used at Rhino Records Claremont sometime in the early 1990’s.  The line up on this album is: Jeff Lynne on guitar, vocals and backing vocals; Bev Bevan on drums, percussion and backing vocals; Richard Tandy on piano, moog, guitar and clavinet; Kelly Groucutt on bass, vocals and backing vocals; Mik Kaminski on violin; Hugh McDowall on cello; Melvyn Gale on cello.


  1. Fire On High (5:29)
  2. Waterfall  (4:11)
  3. Evil Woman  (4:34)
  4. Nightrider  (4:22)


  1. Poker  (3:30)
  2. Strange Magic  (4:29)
  3. Down Home Town  (3:53)
  4. One Summer Dream  (5:45)

Plenty of popular tunes on this album.  CBS Sports Spectacular perfectly selected  Fire On High as its theme.  If you were going to take a day and just play sides of 70’s albums you wouldn’t go wrong selecting either side. Again I believe you must play this music loud to fully appreciate all that it is–

And I can’t go further until I address the word “moog”.  The Moog synthesizer was created in the 1960’s by Robert Moog.  He pioneered its production and use in music.  Robert Moog has been honored by the Grammy Trustees for his technical contributions.  He lost the rights to equipment bearing his own name– which sucks– and passed from this earth in 2005.  The correct pronunciation  of his name rhymes with “vogue” not “moo”.


Electric Light Orchestra Face The Music

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