Eagles Their Greatest Hits


(1976) Asylum label. Reissue.  Since I don’t own One Of These Nights, I can enjoy that track along with Take It To The Limit on this greatest hits collection.


  1. Take It Easy
  2. Witchy Woman
  3. Lyin’ Eyes
  4. Already Gone
  5. Desperado


  1. One Of These Nights
  2. Tequila Sunrise
  3. Take It To The Limit
  4. Peaceful Easy Feeling
  5. Best Of My Love

Illinois just confirmed it:  he heard Take It Easy on the radio today.  I wonder if Eagles saturation has occurred in other places in the US?  If you’re in Lincoln Nebraska, do you have the same Eagles experience?  Are you sick of hearing the Eagles on the radio in Des Moines?  How about Orlando?  Seattle?  My sense is this is a uniquely Californian experience.  Our current and former governor DID date Linda Ronstadt in the 1970’s…

Eagles Their Greatest Hits

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