Eagles On The Border

Eagles On The Border
(1974)  Asylum label.  Reissue which included a 1/4 sheet poster.  On this album Don Felder is credited as being a band member even though he had played on tracks on all of their albums to date. This album drops some of the country twang in favor of a rocker edge. The cover art is a western stylized motif and the band members pictured on the poster proudly wearing their denim tuxedos.


  1. Already Gone  (4:16)
  2. You Never Cry Like A Lover  (4:01)
  3. Midnight Flyer  (3:57)
  4. My Man  (3:30)
  5. On The Border  (4:24)


  1. James Dean  (3:38)
  2. Ol ’55  (4:21)
  3. Is It True  (3:14)
  4. Good Day In Hell  (4:26)
  5. The Best Of My Love  (4:34)

The difficulty I have writing about these albums is trying to push aside the near repulsion I have in hearing some of these songs.  If you grew up listening to FM radio in Southern California, you heard an Eagles song once a day (maybe more than that) every day, from 1973 until what… maybe today?   There can definitely be too much of a good thing.  Songs like Already Gone, James Dean or Best Of My Love approach fingernails on the chalkboard. Seriously.  Best Of My Love… another prom and wedding reception song…

The Tom Waits’ tune Ol ’55 is a great song.  On The Border is another one I can still enjoy. BUSTED.  As I sit here and read this out loud to my daughter she reminds me that at this very moment I too, am proudly rockin’ my denim tuxedo.

Eagles On The Border

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