Phil Collins Hello, I Must Be Going!

Phil Collins  Hello, I Must Be Going!
(1982) Atlantic label. Original release gatefold jacket with original inner sleeve.  Purchased through Columbia House Record Club!!  I guess for Phil Collins, after the shock and heartbreak of divorce which he covered in Face Value, his healing process turned into the angry, self-realization, flipping the finger that resulted in Hello, I Must Be Going!.  I love this record.  Every single song– even the slightly corny cover of You Can’t Hurry Love.  One of my biggest concert regrets is not going to see this tour at the Perkins Palace in Pasadena in December of 1982.  I had the chance and passed up on the ticket. Stoopid.

Side One

  1. I Don’t Care Anymore  (5:00)
  2. I Cannot Believe It’s True  (5:14)
  3. Like China  (5:05)
  4. Do You Know, Do You Care?  (4:57)
  5. You Can’t Hurry Love  (2:50)

Side Two

  1. It Don’t Matter To Me  (4:12)
  2. Thru These Walls  (5:02)
  3. Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away  (4:43)
  4. The West Side  (4:59)
  5. Why Can’t It Wait ’til Morning  (3:01)

The Phenix Horns are on this album along with Daryl Stuermer.  This album has BIG PERCUSSION SOUND.  Many of these songs are angry in lyrical content but musically they are upbeat, danceable, and you want to turn them up loud and drive fast. I made a tape copy of this album and used to play it all the time in my car.  In 1982 I owned a 1976 MG convertible.  So I DID indeed play this album LOUD in a convertible and drive fast!!!  The West Side is such a good track.  Phil should make an album of all instrumentals– oh wait he did, it’s called Brand X.

Phil Collins Hello, I Must Be Going!

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