Phil Collins Face Value

Phil Collins  Face Value
(1981)  Atlantic label reissue gatefold jacket Canadian pressing.  Purchased used at Gillette Records in Riverside.  Although I am a big Phil Collins fan I was, as they say, “late to the party”. In the Genesis-Peter Gabriel-Phil Collins decision, I would choose Peter Gabriel so when this album came out although I enjoyed hearing the songs on the radio I didn’t rush out to buy the record, unlike the rest of the US as this record shot to #7 on the US charts and #1 on international charts.  The Earth, Wind and Fire horns on this album become a critical ingredient in the “Phil Collins Sound”.

Side One

  1. In The Air Tonight  (5:36)
  2. This Must Be Love  (3:56)
  3. Behind The Lines  (3:53)
  4. The Roof Is Leaking  (3:18)
  5. Droned  (2:50)
  6. Hand In Hand  (5:23)

Side Two

  1. I Missed Again  (3:46)
  2. You Know What I Mean  (2:33)
  3. Thunder And Lightening  (4:13)
  4. I’m Not Moving  (2:35)
  5. If Leaving Me Is Easy  (4:55)
  6. Tomorrow Never Knows  (4:47)

Behind The Lines originally appeared on Genesis’ Duke which I like much better than this disco version.  On this album I love Droned, Hand In Hand, and all of Side Two.  The cover of The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows is solid.  According to the liner notes, Eric Clapton plays guitar on If Leaving Me Is Easy– but I just listened to the song and hardly heard guitar. Stephen Bishop lends backing vocals to This Must Be Love.  Daryl Stuermer plays on several tracks.  Stuermer toured with Genesis as their bassist as well as touring with Phil Collins.

This record was the musical therapy provided to Collins in managing his divorce.  The songs are of painful break up, separation, understanding it, and trying to move on past it.  Anyone who has had their heart broken or fell out of a relationship can feel these songs and I am sure that universal chord-strike helped to make this record such a huge success.


Phil Collins Face Value

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