Eric Clapton Journeyman

Eric Clapton  Journeyman
(1989) Duck label gatefold jacket original inner sleeve with lyrics.  Purchased used at  Record Surplus in Los Angeles sometime in the 1990’s.    This album is the last studio album he recorded before the big MTV Unplugged release.  On this one, you can tell he has exhausted the Phil Collins sound and is returning to his blues form.  Songs like Running On Faith, Hound Dog, Old Love and Hard Times really show you how much heart Clapton has for the blues. These are my favorite tracks on this album.


  1. Pretending  (4:48)
  2. Anything For Your Love  (4:16)
  3. Bad Love  (5:11)
  4. Running On Faith  (5:27)
  5. Hard Times  (3:00)
  6. Hound Dog  (2:26)


  1. No Alibis  (5:32)
  2. Run So Far  (4:06)
  3. Old Love  (6:25)
  4. Breaking Point  (5:37)
  5. Lead Me On  (5:52)
  6. Before You Accuse Me  (3:55)

Ok I have yet to write about how absolutely gorgeous Eric Clapton is to look at.  Some rock stars are truly unattractive– but their swagger and talent elevates the eye beyond the lack of beauty.  This is not the case with Eric Clapton.  The hair, the beard, the soulful eyes somebody slap me!  And he can play. And he can sing. And he has swagger.  I should also mention Illinois has several Clapton solo albums and of course the albums Clapton played on with Cream, Derek and The Dominos, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.  I also have Pilgrim on CD.  Together we have most of his albums.

Eric Clapton Journeyman

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