Eric Clapton Behind The Sun

Eric Clapton  Behind The Sun
(1985) Duck Records label gatefold jacket.  Purchased used from Record Surplus sometime in the early 1990s.  Produced by Phil Collins.  This easily recognizable Phil Collins sound is nicely married to Eric Clapton‘s guitar in this album and in his next release August.  Several industry legends contribute on this album: Donald “Duck” Dunn, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Michael Omartian, Lindsey Buckingham, Greg Phillinganes, and of course Phil Collins.


  1. She’s Waiting  (4:55)
  2. See What Love Can Do  (3:58)
  3. Same Old Blues  (8:15)
  4. Knock On Wood  (3:19)
  5. Something’s Happening (3:23)


  1. Forever Man  (3:13)
  2. It All Depends  (5:05)
  3. Tangled In Love (4:11)
  4. Never Make You Cry  (6:06)
  5. Just Like A Prisoner (5:29)
  6. Behind The Sun (2:13)

No surprise to anyone that I own and really like this album.  Favorite tracks include See What Love Can Do, Same Old Blues, Knock On Wood, and Behind The Sun.  There are those blues purists that don’t care for the 80’s feel that so many rockers dabbled in at this time.  I get it.  This is too clean and polished, too Miami Vice.  Too synth heavy.  For me, Eric Clapton can do nothing wrong.  His career is an honest one; heroin addiction and recovery, alcohol addiction, tragic death of his son, poorly charting albums, huge successes, collaborations with so many in the rock world all open and there for the fans and the world to witness.

As so many musicians of his age continue to grow older, it freaks me out to think of a world someday without Clapton. Knock on wood…

Eric Clapton Behind The Sun

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