Eric Clapton August

Eric Clapton August
(1986) Duck label gatefold jacket.  Purchased used at Record Surplus sometime in the 90’s. Purchased new on cassette at The Wherehouse in Westwood in 1986. This was in HEAVY rotation in my life when it came out.  I know every song on this album.  Bought it on cassette so I could listen to it in my car.  I saw Eric Clapton tour for this album in April 1987 at the Forum in Los Angeles. Phil Collins was on drums.  I have a story about this show.  I was single at the time.  No one I knew had the interest or money to buy a ticket and go with me.  So this is the one and only concert I have ever been to by myself.

I had mentioned to my brother that I was going and he told me he was also– with his new girlfriend.  Remember this was before cellphones.  So at the show with the houselights on and the crowd filling in, I used binoculars and began scanning the crowd, section by section and row by row trying to find my brother.  And I did!  I went running over to say hello and scare the hell out of him– which I did–and his girlfriend thought I was pretty scary too.  Turned out that he married that girlfriend. I used to have a knack for making a terrible first impression.  I have learned to be more laid back.


  1. It’s In The Way That You Use It  (4:11)
  2. Run  (3:39)
  3. Tearing Us Apart  (4:15)
  4. Bad Influence  (5:09)
  5. Walk Away  (3:52)
  6. Hung Up On Your Love  (3:53)


  1. Take A Chance  (4:54)
  2. Hold On  (4:56)
  3. Miss You  (5:06)
  4. Holy Mother  (4:55)
  5. Behind The Mask  (4:47)

Eric Clapton is a smoker; when he plays shows he will stick a cigarette in the neck of his guitar while he’s playing.  Crazy!!!  At this show, I think I stayed in my seat for 2 or 3 songs.  Mostly I just kept walking around the Forum trying to sneak into a better seating section.  I was able to get to a lower level, but not all the way to the floor seats.  It was a great show.  But I was really lonely for company.  I don’t recommend going to a show by yourself.  It really is an experience to be shared with someone you know.  Afterward you want to talk about it and freak out.  This time, after the show I got in my little blue VW Scirocco and went home to my little apartment in Gardena… and talked to no one.

Eric Clapton August

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