Chicago Chicago IX Chicago’s Greatest Hits

Chicago IX Chicago’s Greatest Hits
(1975) Columbia label.  Original pressing original inner sleeve; purchased new in 1978 at Licorice Pizza in Riverside. The songs on this album are from Chicago I through Chicago VII releases and are a soundtrack to my childhood and early adolescence; evoking memories of climbing the tree in the front yard on a Saturday after my house chores were completed.  My nine year old self, climbing as high as I could get with my red Panasonic Tootaloop radio on my wrist dialed in to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40.  I loved that radio.  It was shaped like a very clunky bracelet that spun open into an “s” shape.  On one end was the dial for AM only radio stations.  The on/off/volume was conveniently located on the outer spine.  Because you could easily wear it, it was perfect for climbing high into a tree.  It seemed to me Chicago was always on the American Top 40 during those years.

Side One

  1. 25 Or 6 To 4  (4:50)
  2. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?  (3:19)
  3. Colour My World  (2:59)
  4. Just You ‘n’ Me  (3:42)
  5. Saturday In The Park  (3:53)
  6. Feelin’ Stronger Every Day  (4:13)

Side Two

  1. Make Me Smile  (2:59)
  2. Wishing You Were Here  (4:34)
  3. Call On Me  (4:01)
  4. (I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long  (4:27)
  5. Beginnings  (7:51)

More Chicago memories are of singing Saturday In The Park in my head sitting in the bleachers watching my brothers play little league on… Saturdays.  This was an album I could play at anytime and my folks would be OK with it.  Sometimes they might even ask me to turn it up!!!

Chicago Chicago IX Chicago’s Greatest Hits

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