Kate Bush The Dreaming

Kate Bush The Dreaming
(1982) EMI Manhattan label.  Purchased used in 1989 probably at Penny Lane Records Westwood. This is the first Kate Bush I purchased.  It is one of her best.  The lyrics strike now familiar themes of war, love, life and death, mystical sensibility, and a warrior-like bravery into dark subjects.  The music is strange, her vocals bend in and out melodically, and the listener is challenged to follow along.  “Let the weirdness in…”


  1. Sat In Your Lap  (3:29)
  2. There Goes A Tenner  (3:24)
  3. Pull Out The Pin  (5:27)
  4. Suspended In Gaffa  (3:56)
  5. Leave It Open  (3:22)


  1. The Dreaming  (4:08)
  2. Night Of The Swallow  (5:56)
  3. All The Love (4:33)
  4. Houdini  (3:48)
  5. Get Out Of My House  (5:30)


This album was produced by Kate.  She skillfully brings it across the continents (The Dreaming deals with aboriginal themes, Pull Out The Pin the Vietnam War, Night Of The Swallow Ireland), across time (Houdini and Get Out Of My House–inspired by the Stephen King novel The Shining), and across pop and art standards.

Favorite tracks on this album include Pull Out The Pin, Night of The Swallow, and Houdini.  In each one of these there are times when Kate’s voice sings so angrily and with such force, it sounds as though she is trying to save a life, change a mind, or defy physics with her words.  I know I have used my voice at such a decibel trying to change an action just with my words.  And although words are mighty, there are moments when our words have no effect.

In Night Of The Swallow the music is heavily influenced by Irish jig music.  It caught my ear so much so that it inspired me to pursue The Chieftains records.  I recall first hearing flutes and strings at the Ye Olde Renaissance Faire in Agoura CA in the Santa Monica Mountains back in 1978.  All these years later I learn I have Irish heritage and suddenly things fall into place.  DNA has power and reach we still do not completely understand.

Kate Bush The Dreaming

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