Kate Bush Kate Bush

Kate Bush  Kate Bush Mini LP
(1983) EMI America label mini LP. Purchased used and I have no recollection where or when.  This mini LP has five tracks.  Three are from The Dreaming, one is from the Live EP, and the other is the French version of The Infant Kiss from Never For Ever


  1. Sat In Your Lap  (3:29)
  2. James And The Cold Gun  (6:20)


  1. Babooshka  (3:20)
  2. Suspended in Gaffa  (3:56)
  3. Un Baisser D’Enfant  (3:00)

This is another example of collecting everything you can get your hands on from or by a particular artist.  I have all of the tracks on this LP with exception of the last one on SIDE 2– which is why I bought this.  You find these single tracks on EPs/mini LPs or released in other countries and as a collector you snap them up.  Then boxed sets come out and these limited or previously unreleased tracks come out and you think, “Well, now I have that one again”.

Kate Bush Kate Bush

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