Kate Bush Hounds Of Love

Kate Bush  Hounds Of Love
(1985) EMI Manhattan label. Purchased new Tower Records Westwood in 1989.  Recorded entirely in Kate’s home studio– she had complete artistic control. Running Up That Hill was her first US hit.  I remember when it had airplay.  But at the time it didn’t make me start to collect her albums.  It wasn’t until 1989 that I began collecting Kate Bush albums. Credit goes to two individuals I worked with who were really into Kate Bush and one of them gave me The Dreaming to listen to on cassette.  It was one of those conversations where someone will be surprised that you are not into a particular artist or group.  And you think to yourself… “yeah, I wonder why I am NOT into him/her/them?”  Timing is everything.


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. Hounds Of Love
  3. The Big Sky
  4. Mother Stands For Comfort
  5. Cloudbursting


  1. And Dream Of Sheep
  2. Under Ice
  3. Waking The Witch
  4. Watching You Without me
  5. Jig Of Life
  6. Hello Earth
  7. The Morning Fog

The mystical line between this life and the after life; parenting relationships; physics energy and awareness larger than our puny human lives can comprehend– all explored in this album.  On the surface it is reported that the story of this record is about a person floating on the sea and struggling to stay awake/stay alive.  There may be something to this. I think you could also make a comparison between this album and Pink Floyd’s The Wall– there are many audio similarities.

I prefer to look at the gems hidden in each song.  Lines such as “I just know that something good is gonna happen.  I don’t know when but just saying it could even make it happen” speaking again to how our words can have power to effect change from Cloudbursting.  In Watching You Without Me the metronome click of the clock and the bending of the synthesizers, and the repetition of the words “you can’t hear me” sung backwards is spooky and I imagine truthful on some level.  And don’t get me started on Jig Of Life– the strings, the drums, the timing– “I put this moment here.  I put this moment here.  I put this moment over HERE.”

I love this album.  I dedicate it to my son and my daughters.  Play this and remember me when I am no longer here– and magically I will be with you.  I promise.

Kate Bush Hounds Of Love

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