Brand X Passport

Brand X Product
Brand X  Product

(1979) Passport label.  Purchased used at Record Surplus for $2 in 1989 (still has price tag on it).  You have to love being around record collectors.  They are usually VERY knowledgeable and you can learn so much talking with them about artists, labels, record stores, values, and the veritable answer to the “Did ya know…?

I learned about Brand X from collectors.  Vinnie, Thom, and I worked together. When we learned that we all loved collecting rock and roll and in particular progressive rock drummers we spent every break talking about it.  Bill Buford, Phil Collins, Neil Pert.  It was Vinnie who shared with me the “Did ya know Phil Collins played with Brand X” info that started this whole journey.  Vinnie made me a mixed tape of choice Brand X tracks that I still have to this day 30 years later.


  1. Don’t Make Waves  (5:28)
  2. Dance Of The Illegal Aliens  (6:52)
  3. Soho  (3:47)
  4. … And So To F….  (6:34)


  1. Algon (Where ordering an ordinary cup of drinking chocolate costs £8,000,000,000)  (6:07)
  2. Rhesus Perplexus  (4:06)
  3. Wal To Wal  (3:09)
  4. Not Good Enough-See Me!  (7:27)
  5. April  (2:40)

This album has two rare vocal performances.  MOST Brand X is instrumental.  But Don’t Make Waves and Soho have vocals done by… who else, Phil Collins.  Don’t Make Waves sounds exactly like a Genesis song or a Phil Collins solo release from 1985.  My favorite track on this album is Algon  (BTW according to the liner notes, Algon is a hotel).  I have fond memories of driving around Los Angeles in my Volkswagon Scirocco blasting this song on the mixed tape I got from Vinnie.

Brand X Passport

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