Brand X Livestock

Brand X Livestock
Brand X  Livestock

(1977) Passport label. Purchased used at Rhino Westwood probably in 1986. This is another album I picked up during my Brand X phase.  As a record collector, I go through phases. The collectors reading this can relate.   You get “into” something new and you want to pick up everything you can find.  Depending on what it is you may spend the rest of your life trying to collect every release that artist(s) was ever responsible for or ever played on.  Such is this being I am a big Phil Collins fan.

There is a particular story in our collecting this brings to mind.  Illinois is a big time Thin Lizzy fan.  His holy grail was trying to find Thin Lizzy’s first album.  On the cover is a silhouette of a woman’s body lying on her side with a tiny car traveling over her hip. Illinois looked for it for over 20 years.  One day I was out of town on business and my cellphone rings.  It’s Illinois.  He found it!  I was so happy for him, but really disappointed I wasn’t there with him to see his grin.


  1. Nightmare Patrol  (7:50)
  2. -Ish  (8:20)
  3. Euthanasia Waltz  (5:30)


  1. Isis Mourning i,ii  (10:15)
  2. Malaga Virgen  (9:35)

Some of these tracks were recorded at Ronnie Scotts in London September 1976 and some at Hammersmith Odeon and the Marquee Club in London August 1977. The jazz fusion/prog rock on this album is really incredible.  John Goodsall plays ripping guitar on Euthanasia Waltz.  On this album there are two drummers and one percussionist credited: Phil Collins, Kenwood Dennard on drums and Morris Pert percussion. Dennard plays on Nightmare Patrol and Malaga Virgen.

The recording quality is so clean.  For a live album there is very little audience noise. Not sure why this is: audience so into it and better behaved or edited out?  I dunno. I like to think in 1976-1977 audiences were more interested in listening than being heard.  You go to shows now and the audience is constantly yelling during the quiet moments and its terribly annoying.  JUST LISTEN.


Brand X Livestock

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