Brand X Is There Anything About?

Brand X  Is There Anything About?

(1982)  Passport label.  Purchased used in 1987 in LA at one of two locations: Penny Lane Westwood or Rhino Westwood.  This album line up includes saxophone from Raf Ravenscroft– Raphael Ravenscroft is the musician who performed the iconic saxophone on the Gerry Rafferty hit Baker Street.  I remain gobsmacked that Phil Collins had the ability to release this album, Genesis records, and his solo work at the same time.  I know he has taken a lot of crap for his career trajectory and over saturation, but I say you have to give it to the guy; he worked really hard for 20 years and covered quite a bit of rock and roll space in the process.


  1. Ipanaemia  (4:30)
  2. A Longer April  (7:00)
  3. Modern, Noisy, And Effective  (3:56)


  1. Swan Song  (5:30)
  2. Is There Anything About?  (7:52)
  3. Tmiu-Atga  (5:07)

A Brand X trademark continues: the humour abounds on this album. Liner notes include:

Anyone who doesn’t like this record has far too much taste, and is obviously too sensible to remain at liberty, and therefore will be tied up with piano wire , and sentenced to five years listening to Demis Rousoss albums.  (Ouch! Demis Rousoss was in Aphrodite’s Child a prog rock group.  Don’t own any of their records but who knows, maybe this will lead to a new line to collect!)

This tune (Tmiu-Atga) was recorded live on a cassette machine at Startling Studios by accident, and left the way it came out, snare rattles and all. So there. Incidentally, the initials stand for “They’re Making It Up As They Go Along”.

Favorite track on this album is Modern, Noisy, And Effective.  It is another great song to listen to while one drives around Southern California.


Brand X Is There Anything About?

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