Brand X Unorthodox Behaviour


Brand X Unorthodox Behaviour
(1976)  Passport label.  Original release purchased used at Penny Lane Records in Westwood sometime in 1986 or 1987.  Includes inner liner notes sheet. This is a progressive jazz/rock album.  Brand X line up on this album is: John Goodsall- guitars.  Percy Jones- basses.  Robin Lumley- keyboards. Philip Collins- percussion.  This last name is the reason why I own any Brand X albums.  I am a big fan of Phil Collins.  In 1986 I learned Phil Collins was in this band as a side project during the mid-70’s so I started buying every Brand X album I could find that he plays on.  He is not on all of them.


  1. Nuclear Burn  (6:25)
  2. Euthanasia Waltz  (5:37)
  3. Born Ugly  (8:10)


  1. Smacks Of Euphoric Hysteria  (4:25)
  2. Unorthodox Behaviour  (8:13)
  3. Running On Three  (4:35)
  4. Touch Wood  (3:03)

The inner liner notes sheet is a trip to read.  It is full of inside jokes and nonsensical musings such as:

Soprano saxophone blown by Jack “Oh no, you’re joking” Lancaster

Hole punched in the centre by Sir Kenneth Clarke

Tepid tea and food fetching: Wonderbag, Typhoo “Lil

These explanatory notes were composed during an Indoor Deep-Sea Power boat racing contest in Reigate, Mozambique, by Philip and Robin, Underwater Show jumping champions 1975.

Clearly this group had way too much fun making this record.  My favorite tracks are Euthanasia Waltz and Running On Three.  Phil Collins was a pretty busy guy at this time.  He was also in Genesis.  Much more on Phil later.

Brand X Unorthodox Behaviour

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