David Bowie Let’s Dance

David Bowie Let’s Dance
(1983) EMI America label.  Original release, purchased new from someplace in Riverside– a little store that went out of business and I can’t remember the name of it!  Original inner sleeve with lyrics.  This album was a huge hit.  The MTV videos released with the album were huge hits.  The 80’s sound of this album laid the groundwork for so many artists to rip off afterward: Simpleminds, Modern English, Thompson Twins, the list goes on….

Several talented musicians play on this album: Carmine Rojas-bass.  Omar Hakim-drums. (Do yourself a favor and watch Bring On The Night- the Sting documentary.  Omar Hakim plays drums and he is a gas!)  Tony Thompson-drums.  Nile Rodgers-guitars.  Stevie Ray Vaughan– lead guitar.  Bob Sabino-keyboards.  Mac Gollehon-trumpet.  Robert Arron-tenor and flute.  Stan Harrison-tenor and flute.  Steve Elson-baritone and flute.  Sammy Figueroa-percussion.


  1. Modern Love  (4:46)
  2. China Girl  (5:32)
  3. Let’s Dance  (7:38)
  4. Without You  (3:08)


  1. Ricochet  (5:14)
  2. Criminal World  (4:25)
  3. Cat People Putting Out Fire  (5:09)
  4. Shake It  (3:49)

Us Festival May 1983 Bowie headlined Day Three and I was there with my friends Pam and Rich and 300,000+ friends I had not yet met.  This was the Serious Moonlight Tour.  My memories of his performance are of seeing his image on the big screen bathed in a blue light and dancing with his face always turning in profile with his arms bent at the waist. It was amazing.  I am glad to be able to say I saw him perform.

David Bowie died a few weeks ago from cancer.  He was 69 years old.  My daughter told me the morning after the news broke.  She was upstairs getting ready for school when she called out to me with the news.  She was crying.  In the past six months we have had too many deaths to accept.  Bowie’s was another.  Although he wasn’t a family member or friend, nevertheless the loss was deeply felt.  Cancer.  It’s a motherfucker.

David Bowie Let’s Dance

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