Jeff Beck Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop

Jeff Beck  Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop
(1989) Illinois gifted this album to me, purchased new from Rhino Records, Westwood.  Epic label original inner sleeve.  This is one of my favorite Jeff Beck albums. For many reasons. The line up on this album is Jeff Beck guitars, Tony Hymas keyboards and synthesizers, AND Terry Bozzio drums and percussion.  Terry Bozzio is one of my favorite drummers.  So crisp and lightening fast.


  1. Guitar Shop  (4:57)
  2. Savoy  (3:49)
  3. Behind The Veil  (4:52)
  4. Big Block  (4:03)
  5. Where Were You  (3:16)


  1. Stand On It  (4:55)
  2. Day In The House  (5:03)
  3. Two Rivers  (5:21)
  4. Sling Shot  (3:04)

When Jeff Beck was touring for this album, Illinois and I had tickets to see the show.  Stevie Ray Vaughan was the opening act!  I couldn’t wait to go.  As the date got closer, turned out I couldn’t get the night off of work and so Illinois went with a friend.  I was really, really disappointed.  Illinois said the show was just ok; the sound mix was bad.

The other reason why this album is a favorite is because of the motif.  Jeff Beck collects muscle cars and the cover is a guitar on a lift like in a body shop.  Illinois and I have always had an appreciation for muscle cars.  When we were still dating we went to El Segundo and purchased a 1968 Camaro.  We were the third owners.  It was all original, nothing had been done to modify it.  Even had the old AM radio.  When we were on our way to the hospital to have our first child, we were in that Camaro.

This album is different– it has that late 80’s sound; kind of Miami Vice meets Jeff Beck.  Lots of synths but with Beck’s guitar aiming high over and throughout each track.  Of course no vocals but some really crazy talk tracks– “Nothing is being done!”.  Really great, loud, music with Jeff Beck shredding, Terry Bozzio driving the beat, and plenty of opportunity to get lost in it.

Jeff Beck Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop

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