The Beatles Beatles For Sale

The Beatles   Beatles For Sale
(1976)  Japanese pressing, Apple label, gatefold jacket with original obi and lyrics and photo booklet. Original release date December 4, 1964.  By this date, the lads had appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.  This is their fourth album and as with the others it is chocked full of original hits and covers.


  1. No Reply (2:16)
  2. I’m A Loser (2:30)
  3. Baby’s In Black (2:04)
  4. Rock And Roll Music (2:31)
  5. I’ll Follow The Sun (1:48)
  6. Mr. Moonlight (2:38)
  7. Kansas City (2:38)


  1. Eight Days A Week (2:43)
  2. Words Of Love (2:04)
  3. Honey Don’t (2:57)
  4. Every Little Thing (2:03)
  5. I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party (2:34)
  6. What You’re Doing (2:30)
  7. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (2:27)

As a little kid, I would sing these songs on the radio.  Two minute little ditties, that had swing and joy in them.  Now, when I hear Eight Days A Week I go looking for my baby girl.  We like to sing, clap hands, and dance to this one.  She’s 16 now and we’ve been doing this her whole life.  She is a TRUE Beatles fan.

When she turned 10, I took her to see a Beatles tribute band playing at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.  We walked over to the Capitol Records Building and looked through the doors after hours.  I also snapped her picture kneeling next to John Lennon’s star on the Walk Of Fame.  Later I submitted that photo to our local paper which had a feature celebrating reader’s birthdays. They published it; the Biggest Little Beatles Fan in our town!



The Beatles Beatles For Sale

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