The Beatles Please Please Me

The Beatles  Please Please Me
(1976) Japanese Pressing Series 1 on the Apple label with original obi and cellophane inner sleeve.  I do not have the lyric booklet that came with this album. Thanks to this website for particular information. Originally released in March 1963.   I owe thanks to Illinois for this record (and as a matter of fact) all the Beatles records I own.  He bought them from someone he worked with probably around 2002, and I expressed a sincere interest in having them.

Clearly so much has been written about this band. There is nothing I can add to the catalog that shares any new information.  What I can write is straight from my heart; the Beatles are the best rock and roll band ever. Call it timing, call it fate, call it luck; they were in that proverbial right place at the right time.


  1. I Saw Her Standing There (2:53)
  2. Misery (1:48)
  3. Anna (2:57)
  4. Chains (2:25)
  5. Boys (2:26)
  6. Ask Me Why  (2:26)
  7. Please Please Me  (2:00)


  1. Love Me Do  (2:21)
  2. P.S. I Love You  (2:04)
  3. Baby It’s You  (2:40)
  4. Do You Want To Know A Secret  (1:57)
  5. A Taste Of Honey  (2:03)
  6. There’s A Place (1:50)
  7. Twist And Shout  (2:37)

In 1955 when Disneyland Park opened, my mother was in attendance that first week. She graduated from high school in 1962; so not a teeny bopper anymore. By the time Please Please Me was released she was a newlywed with a baby.  Shortly thereafter, the President of the United States was assassinated.  Her life was now very serious. Although we always had music on the radio or on the stereo, she was not a Beatles fan. She actually couldn’t stand them– especially when they grew their hair long.  They represented what was going wrong in the world.  By the time Sgt Pepper’s  was released, forget about it.

I however am a different story. It seems my life has been one long Beatles soundtrack. Milestones in my life coincide with particular songs and the after breakup journeys of the lads along with the Beatlemania marketing machine. And although I write this as a huge fan, I have to admit I never owned a Beatles record until I talked Illinois out of this one.

Growing up, my mom had something to do with this. She kept a pretty close tab on the records I bought.  I can’t remember ever arguing about trying to buy a Beatles records, but I am sure she wouldn’t have let them in the house. That didn’t stop me from learning about them. They were always in magazines, on the news, on TV as Saturday morning cartoons. They were always on the radio.  I remember hurrying up to eat dinner, so I could get back to my room and listen to the Beatles A-Z weekend.

As I grew older and my life became more complicated, John Lennon was assassinated; Nike used Revolution to advertise sneakers, and I just didn’t get around to buying Beatles records.

Listening to Please Please Me today as I write this reminds me of any time in life when things are/were simple.  Enjoying a cup of coffee made at home.  Listening to a 2:37 song.  Playing a record on the stereo.  You could do this in March 1963.  I did this today. Nice.

The Beatles Please Please Me

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